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Side A
Can’t Deny (A. Knoblauch / E. Knoblauch / N. Sørensen)
Old Flames (N. Sørensen / E. Knoblauch)
One Way Road (N. Sørensen)
City Lights (N. Sørensen / A. Knoblauch)

Side B
Too Many Things (N. Sørensen)
With You (N. Sørensen / A. Knoblauch)
Don’t Tell Me What To Do (A. Knoblauch / E. Knoblauch / N. Sørensen)
Maria (N. Sørensen / E. Knoblauch)
Time To Go (N. Sørensen)

Performed by Brothers Moving

Additional performances:
Pil Knoblauch (Percussion, Cajon on ‘Old Flames’, ‘Too Many Things’ & ‘Maria’ and backing vocal on ‘Can’t Deny’)
Collin DeJoseph (Piano)
Carlos Hernandez (Percussion on Too Many Things & ‘Maria’, Omnichord, Drum machine)
Chang Han (Weather, Cook)

Recorded at “The Summerhouse”, Djursland, Denmark.
Engineered and co-produced by Carlos Hernandez.
Produced by Nils Sørensen
Mixed by Simon Beizai except ‘One Way Road’ mixed by Carlos Hernandez
Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, NYC.
Manufactured by R.A.N.D. Muzik, Leipzig, Germany.

© 2017 Brothers Moving

Cover photo by Anita Goes.
Cover design by Niels Christian Konrad Nielsen.

Special thanks to:
The Zacher family
The Knoblauch family
Ricardo Kuettel Photography
Russell Street Recording

Released January 19th, 2018