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Side A
Can’t Deny (A. Knoblauch / E. Knoblauch / N. Sørensen)
Old Flames (N. Sørensen / E. Knoblauch)
One Way Road (N. Sørensen)
City Lights (N. Sørensen / A. Knoblauch)

Side B
Too Many Things (N. Sørensen)
With You (N. Sørensen / A. Knoblauch)
Don’t Tell Me What To Do (A. Knoblauch / E. Knoblauch / N. Sørensen)
Maria (N. Sørensen / E. Knoblauch)
Time To Go (N. Sørensen)

Performed by Brothers Moving

Additional performances:
Pil Knoblauch (Percussion, Cajon on ‘Old Flames’, ‘Too Many Things’ & ‘Maria’ and backing vocal on ‘Can’t Deny’)
Collin DeJoseph (Piano)
Carlos Hernandez (Percussion on Too Many Things & ‘Maria’, Omnichord, Drum machine)
Chang Han (Weather, Cook)

Recorded at “The Summerhouse”, Djursland, Denmark.
Engineered and co-produced by Carlos Hernandez.
Produced by Nils Sørensen
Mixed by Simon Beizai.
Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, NYC.
Manufactured by R.A.N.D. Muzik, Leipzig, Germany.

© 2017 Brothers Moving

Cover photo by Anita Goes.
Cover design by Niels Christian Konrad Nielsen.

Special thanks to:
The Zacher family
The Knoblauch family
Ricardo Kuettel Photography
Russell Street Recording

Released January 19th, 2018